Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gallery Aoi Kaze,Kyoto,Japan (2014)

Two of my recent works will be shown 
at Gallery Aoi Kaze 3/4(tue)-3/9(sun)
in Kyoto,Japan.These were taken during the work in progress stage.


(midnight picnic on the moon 2014)

The above drawing was influenced by a drawing I did while working on the Bologna Picture book contest.  The small drawing that you can see next to the canvas was the original ink drawing.  I was curious to see how the image would look in a larger size, because it looks so detailed in the smaller size.  I wondered if it would have the same impact.

(my little bones 2014)

I had been experimenting with colored pencils on different materials. I liked the feeling and texture of drawing on canvas.  You have to really grind the pencil to color the canvas and it gave me an image of ancient art on stone walls.  I decided not to fill up the whole canvas as with the color panels I did in the past, and instead leave meandering shapes reaching outwards.  

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