Monday, February 11, 2013

Vilde Chaya,Sendak(2013)

Vilde Chaya,Sendak(2013)
 200 x 200 mm/ 9 x 9in, ink,pen,acryl gouache,paper

I was invited to do the illustration for the exhibition, Tribute to Maurice Sendak (Illustrakids Monster Train 2013).It will held in Cagliari,Italy in this May 2013.The artists have to recreate the world of Sendak's characters using his or her own unique style. Recently, I listened  to his interview with Terry Gross from NPR.During the interview, he said the Monsters from "Where the Wild Things Are,"were based on his uncles,and aunts.This gave me the idea for the title,"Vilde Chaya,Sendak". "Vilde Chaya"means "wild things" in Yiddish.I was inspired  to create a monster that is Sendak himself.

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