Sunday, July 15, 2012

work in progress

Stranger With A Black Ring (2012)(19x24in,482.6x609.6mm)

This is a drawing done on 2 panels. Recently,I have noticed the way I draw shapes and symbols has changed. It has become more simple compared to my early line drawings like Confessions of an Opium Eater. Maybe because instead of filling in an area,I started to spread out more. Especially when using only black and white,I feel I don't have to fill in space as much as my line drawings. Due to the contrast between b&w being very strong to me (In the line drawing series,I didn't use any black on purpose. I wanted to explore more without b&w.)

This man in the drawing,Stranger with a Black Ring, has a human shape and shooting stars penetrating his back.

He is almost breaking into pieces.

I hope to finish this work before my show.

The print will be available for purchase after my show on my web shop.


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