Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Headless Horse (2012)

 Headless Horse (2012)
 420 x 297 mm/ 16.54 x 11.69 ink,pen,paper,wooden panel

This is my new piece titled " Headless Horse ".It took me a week to complete.  It is made by ink, gouache, markers, and two different kinds of papers (collage).
 I first started with a shape I had in my mind. It had a huge face like an Easter Island Statue and two legs.  I added black and white symbols and lines first.
But, having a face on the drawing distracted me because I felt like I had to build up some kind of character, and that prevents me from exploring more. So, I covered it up.  I decided
to add colors with gouache, but it also wasn't working for me until I decided pasting different textures of paper might work better for me. I then added colorlines to make it more interesting.  

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